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Successful Thesis Submission

MSc. and PhD Students who submit to the electronic thesis database DO NOT need to make Official copies, however they still may be required to produce 1 Dept. copy. (Check with your Dept) The Dept. pays for the binding of this copy but not the printing within.

You must submit your thesis to the Graphic Services Copy Centre.

Graphic Services can access files on the (UWO) repository

Supply Graphic Services with a PDF file of your approved thesis, printed hard copy or you can print all your own copies and bring them to Graphic Services for binding.

Maximum amount of pages per volume: 450 pages - Minimum amount of pages per bound book: 1 page


DEPARTMENT COPY (Check with your Dept. to find out if Dept.copy is needed)

Dept. Copy is bound in black covers, with gold lettering on the spine. Spine title is limited to 60 characters and there is no text on the front cover (see cover text sample).

If the thesis is less than ¼ inch thick, the spine title is limited to 45 characters.

Any additional copies will be classified as "Personal Copies" (your own copy, advisors, supervisors, parents, etc.).


Personal copies can be bound the same as the Dept. copy or can be bound with different colour binding (see binding colour samples) as well as gold or white lettering.

You may also put text on the front cover:

Title, name, degree printing on SPINE AND FRONT COVER - $29.95 per bound book

Printing on SPINE ONLY - $28.50 per bound book (Shortened title, last name, year)

(These prices do not include applicable taxes or the cost of the printing for the actual thesis.)

If you require colour or double-sided printing in your thesis, please make note of the PDF page #’s for the colour or double-sided pages.

Colour pages are $0.54 each -- B&W pages are $0.07

Pay for your thesis with credit card, or speedcode (only with authorized permission).

(Do not include Credit card info in e-mail)

Your thesis binding will take four to six weeks to return to Graphic Services from binding. At this time we will e-mail you to come pick up your personal copies.

Graphic Services will arrange for the Dept. / Official copies to be distributed to the appropriate libraries.

Personal Copies may be picked up at the Graphic Services, UCC room 265, or contact to make allternate arrangements.Personal copies can be picked up by anyone you designate.

Copies can be shipped on campus for free.

To ship your copies to you at your cost through Purolator courier contact Graphic Services to provide the shipping address. e-mail address / phone # / Postal Code.

To speed up your submission process, complete the online Personal thesis order form

Official copies must be submitted to Graphic Services before thesis deadline (See Doctoral Timeline or Master's Timeline).


(Only if you have NOT submitted to the electronic database)

The cost for the Official thesis binding is:

$59.95 – Masters ,(Dept copy / Library copy / Archive Copy.)

$145.00 - PhD (Dept copy / Library copy / Archive Copy.(plus microfiche for PhD’s )

The department will be billed at a later date for the binding for its copy. These costs do not include any printing. The student is responsible for all printing costs (see above)

Commonly Asked Questions

Does Graphic Services keep a copy of my thesis on hand for future reprints?

No, we do not keep a copy on hand.

Does UWO Graphic Services print personal copies of a thesis from another university? 

Yes, please provide Graphic Services with any necessary specifications from your university.

Will Graphic Services ship my thesis to my new university?

To ship your thesis through Purolator courier, contact Graphic Services by phone to provide credit card information and the shipping address.

Do I have to come to Graphic Services to submit my thesis?

No -You can place your thesis order online

E-mail any questions to:

If you are submitting official copies to be bound it is recomended that you are here in person along with the appropriate forms.