As of July 2, 2020 we will be fulfilling online orders for curbside pickup or delivery through campus mail. Please note: due to current events, current order processing times may be longer than anticipated.
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Speedcode FAQs

Why has Graphic Services changed the way it bills departments?

As part of Western's accountability framework and commitment to increased financial transparency, Graphic Services is working towards improved controls and processes to support this initiative. Processing invoices through Mustang Market means that all invoices (requisitions) will require departmental approval.

Why is Graphic Services not validating Speedcodes when the print job is ordered?

At Graphic Services, in order to maintain the high quality of service and speed of processing print jobs, and due to the fact that the final invoice price is calculated after the print job is completed, departmental approval is requested when the product is billed through Mustang Market.

Why did I receive an email notification from Mustang Market?

A Requisition from Mustang Market is the new method Graphic Services is using to bill for services. All requisitions require departmental approval, which is based on department code (and tied to the Speedcode). There may be several approvers for the same department code and they will all receive a notification that a requisition requires approval. Only one person from the department needs to approve the requisition.

What is Mustang Market?

Mustang Market is Western's web-based eProcurement solution for sourcing and purchasing items. More information on Mustang Market.

How do I approve a requisition via email?

If you would like to approve via email, you will have to set up your approval code in your Mustang Market profile. More information can be found on Mustang Market.

How can I get details of what I was billed?

With the new billing process, Graphic Services will be attaching a copy of your work order with the Requisition. All your information will be available to you through Mustang Market.

Where can I get more information?

We would be pleased to assist you with any questions or concerns. Please contact the following based on inquiry type:

For assistance regarding Retail Services processes contact:
Ingrid Johnston     x84038
Associate Director Operations, WRS

For assistance regarding Western's Validation program contact:
Janet Biondi     x85593
Financial Risk Officer, Financial Services

For assistance regarding Mustang Market contact:
Procurement Services

For assistance regarding Graphic Services Billing charges contact:
Kathy Russell    x84014
Graphic Services
Western University