Pickup Schedule Retirement


Valued Customers,

Graphic Services is committed to serving our customer's needs in a timely fashion year round and also being eco-friendly. Our business has changed in the way we interact with our customers, their unique needs, and operating within a global communication environment.

Customer online ordering is now the norm in our industry, and the Western community is no different. If you are not aware our online ordering page is: https://www.graphicservices.uwo.ca/order-online

The designated buildings and times our truck adheres to is now redundant. Very few, if any, pickups of work to be done is involved in the existing route. Most of the time is spent delivering finished products.

In our effort to control costs and prices, be environmentally responsible, we need to streamline our transportation processes. We still need to meet your needs.

Effective Thursday, August 1, 2013, we will no longer be coming to campus building as per the old schedule. It's a waste of valuable resources. Of course we will if we need to deliver something to your building. If you do need something picked up, please call extension 84014 and we will come right to your office. Be assured we will log all pickup requests. Also, tell us if it's urgent when you call.

Please forward this message to whomever you feel should be informed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Best Regards with Thanks,
     Graphic Services

Western University