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Personal Thesis Order

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View the Thesis Information page for an explanation of these terms and other related information.
Binding Colour Reference:1
Colour # PN 432 Colour # PN 136 Colour # PN 149 Colour # PN 371 Colour # PN 379 Colour # PN 096 Colour # PN 310 Colour # PN 503 Colour # PN 303 Colour # PN 147 Colour # PN 207 Colour # PN 327 Colour # PN 315 Colour # PN 309 Colour # PN 300 Colour # PN 150 Colour # PN 146 Colour # PN 322 Colour # PN 328 Colour # PN 314 Colour # PN 251
1Thesis binding colour samples are approximations only!
Due to variances among computer systems, thesis binding colour samples are not entirely accurate. If binding colour is critical, please see samples at Graphic Services.
Copies Recipient Binding Text Binding Ink Colour Binding Colour Body Stock
Note: Binding cost is paid by department, but you're responsible for the printing cost of a department copy.
Personal Thesis orders typically take 4 to 6 business weeks to complete.
All SpeedCode purchases will be processed through Mustang Market for payment and require department approval. Departmental approvers will receive an email from Mustang Market requesting approval upon billing.
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Please phone Graphic Services at 519-661-3980 or 519-661-4014 shortly after placing your order to arrange payment via credit card. Payment via cash, credit & debit can also be made can be made in person at Graphic Services during business hours. Personal Thesis orders are only processed after payment is received.
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